BIG Birmingham SleepOut

What could be worse than spending a cold, wet night in a dark and muddy car park in November?

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Installing domestic smoke and heat alarms.

If you're looking to install a smoke or heat alarm system, there are a number of points to consider to ensure that you fit the correct alarm type within your property.

Standards and Regulations

There are different standards and regulations that detail the requirements for installing smoke and heat alarms across the UK, but the main point of reference is the British Standard for installation on alarms in domestic properties, BS 5839-6:2013. click here to read more

Overvoltage Overlooked

Overvoltage caused by switching or even atmospheric events can seriously damage electrical equipment. This can be very costly, especially as we live in an electronically advanced era at work and home.

Switching Events

Switching events, such as starting up equipment from plant machinery or electrical network switching, all generate overvoltages from either within or outside the building. This could be from a neighbouring building, for example, arc welders, lift motors, refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems. Even certain types of lighting systems can generate potentially damaging overvoltage conditions. click here to read more

A Handy Guide To Home Security

A Handy Guide To Home Security

A home doesn't need to be fitted out with guard dogs, ultraviolet imaging, CCTV and window shutters in order to be secure - in fact most people would find living inside such a bunker probably quite uncomfortable.

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Floodlight Buyers Guide

The installation of floodlights can benefit homeowners in two distinct ways. Firstly, they can act as extra illumination for outdoor parties, such as a barbecue, when natural light has faded. Additionally, and the reason most homeowners and businesses will have floodlights installed, they act as the ideal deterrent for would-be intruders.

Indeed, floodlights are one of the most cost-effective forms of security on the market.

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Under Cupboard Lighting - Buyers Guide

For something so straightforward to install, under-cupboard lighting can make a big difference to the look and feel of kitchens, offices and living rooms.

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The Benefits of Under Cupboard Lighting

The kitchen is the most functional room in the home, yet this certainly does not mean that it shouldn't still be pleasing to the eye. Many people having new kitchens installed will lean more towards aesthetics than functionality these days anyway. This is one of the reasons why under-cupboard lighting has continued to rise in popularity in recent years. When thinking of rooms in the home which are suitable for the installation of under-cupboard lighting, the kitchen is the first which immediately springs to mind.

There are some homeowners who may still question the point of having extra lighting installed underneath their cupboards and cabinets. After all, the kitchen is probably the brightest room in the house already, so why is there a need for extra lighting to be fitted? Here are five benefits of under-cupboard lighting which may persuade reluctant homeowners to have a change of heart.

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Hand Dryer Buying Guide

Once upon a time the humble paper towel was the only hygienic way to dry your hands after using the facilities.

Then along came the hand dryer and the washroom technology industry changed forever!

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Fusion Lamps - Canary Wharf Project

The Canal & River Trust is the charity entrusted with the care of 2000 miles of the inland waterway network in England and Wales.

Energy, environmental and aesthetic concerns are at the forefront of all the projects undertaken by the trust, which relies on staff and volunteers throughout the network, working tirelessly to upkeep, save and enhance this valuable national resource.

As part of this essential ongoing work, the Docklands Office needed to replace existing sodium and halogen lighting with new LED lighting to the walkways and footpaths around the Dock basins.

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