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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0003-2458 TLSO66218 Re-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2461 TLSO66236PL Re-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2464 TLSO66318 Re-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2470 TLSO66418 Re-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2473 TLSP12136 RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2476 TLSP12236 RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2488 TLSP15158 RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2491 TLSP15258 RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2494 TLSP66218 RE-Entrant Surface Luminaire
0003-2497 TLSP66236PL RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2500 TLSP66318 RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2503 TLSP66336PL RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2506 TLSP66418 RE-Entrant Surface Module
0003-2509 TLW9CELL 300x300 Aluminium Louvre
0003-2515 TLWEC 300x300 EGG Crate Louvre
0003-2518 TLWFO 300x300 Prismatic Diffuser
0003-2524 TLWR33162D 300x300 Recessed Minimod
0003-2530 TLWR332PL11 300x300 Recessed Minimod
0003-2554 TLWWE 300x300 Aluminium Louvre
0003-2605 TOP/122 Opal Panel
0003-2668 TPLR66236 600x600 2x36W REC Euromod PL
0003-2671 TPLR66240HF 600x600 2x40W REC Euromod PL
0003-2674 TPP/122 Prismatic Panel
0003-2677 TPP/123 Prismatic Panel
0003-2836 TSM123236 1200x300 2x36W Sealed Module
0003-2845 TSM126336 1200x600 3x36W Sealed Module
0003-2851 TSM126436 1200x600 4x36W Sealed Module
0003-2857 TSM66218 600x600 2x18W Sealed Module
0003-2863 TSM66236PL 600x600 2x36W PL Sealed Module
0003-2878 TSM66418 600x600 4x18W Sealed Module
0003-2953 VISS418C2 4x18W T8 Vision Surface
0005-5948 EURO8NM3 Eurolux Bulkhead Non-Maintained
0023-0113 EURO8S3 Eurolux Bulkhead Sustained
0023-0116 EURO8/110 Ecolux Bulkhead Mains
0023-0119 EURO8/50 Ecolux Bulkhead Mains
0023-0122 EURO8/24 Ecolux Bulkhead Mains
0005-4541 12K RESISTOR Resistor
0005-4562 28W 2D LAMP GE 28W 2D 4Pin Lamp
0005-4577 3NICKEL-S 3.6V 4Ah 3-Cell Cadmium Batter
0005-4586 470R RESISTOR 470 OHM Resistors
0005-4613 680R RESISTOR 680 OHM Resistors
0005-4643 8W T5 TUBE 8W 12in T5 Flu Tube
0005-4646 ACOM110 INVERTER 36W-125W AC/DC Inverter
0005-4763 BHWP11P/M3 11W PL Maintained Bulkhead
0005-4766 BHWP11P/NM3 11W PL 4Pin Non-Maintained Bulkhead
0005-4811 BHWP8/2NM3 2x8W Non-Maintained Bulkhead
0005-4820 BHWP8M3 8W Maintained Bulkhead
0005-4826 BHWP8M3/CS Cold Store (-20C) Bulkhead
0005-4832 BHWP8NM3 8W Non-Maintained Bulkhead
0016-5076 BHWP8S3 8W Sustained Bulkhead
0005-5312 CL360/16M3 Circlight 16W 2D Maintained Fitting
0005-5318 CL360/28M3 Circlight 28W 2D Maintained Fitting
0005-5393 DL13/EURO1 Droplite Legend
0005-5405 DL13M3/PB Droplite13W Maintained Pendant
0005-5471 DL8M3W Droplite 8W Maintained Pendant Fitting
0005-5474 DL8NM3/PB Droplite 8W Non-Maintained Pendant
0005-5534 DSEB8M3/EURO1 8W Maintained Exit Box
0005-5561 DSEB8NM3/EURO1 8W Non-Maintained Exit Box
0005-5804 EB8M3/EURO1 8W Maintained Exit Box Black
0005-5831 EB8NM3/EURO1 8W Non-Maintained Exit Box
0005-5855 EB8S3/EURO1 8W Sustained Exit Box
0005-5867 ECL16/6/3S Eclipse 16W 2D/6W Flu Emergency
0005-5873 ECL16NM3 Eclipse 16W 2D Non-Maintained Fitting
0005-5882 ECL28NM3 Eclipse 28W 2D Non-Maintained Fitting
0005-5894 EURO103/TH 2x10W T/Halogen Twinlite
0005-5897 EURO203/TH 2x20W T/Halogen Eco Twinlite
0005-5945 EURO8M3 Eurolux Bulkhead Maintained
0005-6002 EL218M3/2L Elegance 2x18W PL Luminaire
0005-6005 EL218M3/2L/PC Elegance 2x18W PL Luminaire
0005-6020 EL28/6/3S/2L Elegance 28W 2D Luminaire
0005-6023 EL28/6/3S/2L/PC Elegance 28W 2D Luminaire
0005-6032 EL28M3/2L Elegance 28W 2D Luminaire
0005-6035 EL28M3/2L/PC Elegance 28W 2D Luminaire
0005-6050 EL28NM3/2L Elegance 28W 2D Luminaire
0005-6062 EL38/6/3S/2L Elegance 38W 2D Luminaire
0005-6065 EL38/6/3S/2L/PC Elegance 38W 2D Luminiare
0005-6074 EL38M3/2L Elegance 38W 2D Luminaire
0005-6077 EL38M3/2L/PB Elegance 38W 2D Luminaire
0005-6083 EL38M3/2L/PB Elegance 38W 2D Luminaire
0005-6191 FS109S 24V DC 109dB Red Siren
0005-6197 FS109S/240DW 240V AC 109dB Siren White
0005-6200 FS109S/BOX Deep Back Box Red
0005-6203 FS109S/BOX/W Deep Back Box
0005-6236 FS4B/R 4in 24V DC Compact Bell Red
0005-6239 FS4B/W 4in 24V DC Compact Bell White
0005-6242 FS6B 6in 24V DC Motorised Bell Red
0005-6275 FS96/BOX/R Back Box
0005-6278 FS96/BOX/W Back Box
0005-6311 FSBD20 Beam Detector Set
0005-6320 FSDH24 24V Auto Door Release Unit
0005-6323 FSDH240 240V Auto Door Release Unit
0005-6362 FSGBG/F Firescan Flush Call Point
0005-6365 FSGBG/S Firescan Surface Call Point
0005-6392 FSPSU1.25/6 1.25A Power Supply
0005-6413 FSPSU412AAC4 4A Power Supply Unit
0005-6431 FSRBG/F Firescan Flush Call Point
0005-6434 FSRBG/S Firescan Surface Call Point
0005-6488 GDOS4 Optical Smoke Detector
0005-6491 GDOS4/ADJ Optical Smoke Detector Adjustable
0005-6506 GDFH60 Fixed Temp Heat Detector