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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0019-4758 AU1000RO Spirit Low Prifile P/Carb Strobe/Sounder
0051-1534 AU1000SC AU1000/2000 Sentry Cover
0015-4039 AU1000WB Spirit Low Prof P/Carb Strobe/Sounder Un
0019-4698 AU1000YB Spirit Low Prof P/Carb Strobe/Sounder Un
0015-4054 AU1000YO Spirit Low Profile P/Carb Strobe/Sounder
0015-4210 AU2000WB Spirit L/Profile P/Prop Soun/Strob White
0015-4213 AU2000WC Spirit Low Profile Polyprop Sounder/Stro
0792-5884 AW05/W100 4 Core CU Alarm Cable White 100m Reel
0792-5887 AW06/W100 6 Core CU Alarm Cable White 100m Reel
0792-5890 AW07/W100 8 Core CU Alarm Cable White 100m Reel
0015-4315 AW08/W100 12 Core Alarm Cable (White)
0015-4321 AW501/100 4 Core Screened Cable White
0015-4324 AW502/100 6 Core Screened Cable White
0015-4327 AW503/100 8 Core Screened Cable White
0102-3688 AY1212 Yuasay Cell 12V 12Ah
0102-3691 AY1712 Yuasa Y Cell 12V 17Ah
0102-3694 AY2412 Yuasa Y Cell 12V 24Ah
0102-3697 AY3812 Yuasa Y Cell 12V 38Ah
0102-3700 AY6512 Yuasa Y Cell 12V 65 Ah
0133-1257 SL11 Challenger Pir Bulkhead 60 Watt Black
0133-1260 SL11W Challenger Pir Bulkhead 60 Watt White
0592-0081 AA60 Challenger Battery 12V DC 1.2Ah
0592-0084 AA61 Challenger Battery 12V DC 2Ah
0592-0087 AA62 Challenger Battery 12V DC 3Ah
0592-0090 AA63 Challenger Battery 12V DC 7Ah
0508-2349 SL881 60W Photocell Bulkhead Black/Prismatic
0703-3477 AA64 Challenger Battery 12V DC 12Ah
0703-3480 AA65 Challenger Battery 12V DC 17Ah
0703-3483 AA66 Challenger Battery 12VDc 24AH
0703-3486 AA67 Challenger Battery 12VDc 38AH
0703-3489 AA68 Challenger Battery 12VDc 65AH
0100-3372 AW8/100 8 Core CCA/CCS Alarm Cable White 100m
0955-7512 SLDC2 Security Lighting PIR Camera
1014-8770 AP10LED Challenger 10 Zone Alarm Panel c/w On Bo
1014-8779 AP11RKP Challenger LED Rkp For Ap10LEd/AP11LEd/
1014-8782 AP11RKPL LCD Remote Keypad For AP11LED/AP11LCD
1038-7756 SL104C Challenger Pir Flood 400 Watt C Class
1048-4074 AAPSU1 Challenger 12V 1Amp Regulated Boxed Psu
1048-4077 AAPSU2 Challenger 12V 2Amp Regulated Boxed Psu
1048-4080 AAPSU3 Challenger 12V 3Amp Regulated Boxed Psu
1048-4083 AAPSU5 Challenger 12V 5Amp Regulated Boxed Psu
1080-3217 SL150C Challenger Pir Flood 120 Watt C Class
1103-0242 APF10KIT Challenger Force 10 Alarm Kit
1103-0245 APF11KITR Challenger Force 10 Alarm Kit
1103-0248 APF11KITRL Challenger Force 10 Alarm Kit
1162-7395 AP10DB Challenger Force10 Dummy Display
1162-7398 AP10PCB Replacement PCB For Ap10 LED
1162-7401 AP11PCB Replacement PCB For Ap11 LED & LCD
1162-7428 AT60 Challenger Auto Dialler
1164-8023 ACFW1 Challenger Force 10 Wireless Contact
1164-8026 ADFW1 Challenger Force 10 Wireless Pir
1164-8029 AP10LEDC Challenger Alarm Panel 10ZOne + Comms
1164-8032 AP11LCDC Challenger Alarm Panel LCD End Station 1
1164-8035 AP11LEDC Challenger Alarm Panel LED End Station 1
1164-8047 AU1000WBX Challenger External Sounder
1164-8050 AUW1 Challenger Wireless External Sounder
1164-8053 AUWFOB Additional Fobs For Apfes
1164-8065 SLDCRF Challenger Wireless PIR Flood Camera
1164-8068 SLTHLED Challenger 8Watt LED Bank For T/H Flood
1217-8570 AU1000WR Challenger External Sounder White Red
1220-7829 SL105C Challenger PIR Flood 400W
1258-2052 SL12LED Challenger LED Photocell Black 4W
1258-2055 SLFLED Challenger 9W LED PIR Floodlight