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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0322-6540 DX59431 200x200 Green Gridded Cover
0322-6543 DX59440 200x200 Well Divider
0322-6546 DX59450 Kit 4 Screws For 200x200-300x300 Wells
0322-6549 DX59451 200x200 Well Sealing Gasket
0322-6552 DX59501 Rectangular Well - 360x260x320
0322-6555 DX59502 Pedestrian Well Without Lid
0322-6558 DX59511 Grey Solid Lid
0322-6561 DX59520 Grey Gridded Lid
0322-6564 DX59551 Kit Sealing Gasket
0322-6567 DX59650 Kit 4 Inox Screw Self-Threaded
0322-6570 DX59701 300x300 Well
0322-6573 DX59702 300x300 Well Without Lid
0322-6576 DX59710 300x300 Grey Solid Lid
0322-6579 DX59711 300x300 Grey Gridded Cover
0322-6582 DX59730 300x300 Green Solid Cover
0322-6585 DX59731 300x300 Green Gridded Cover
0322-6588 DX59740 300x300 Well Divider
0322-6591 DX59751 300x300 Well Sealing Gasket
0322-6594 DX59801 400x400 Well
0322-6597 DX59802 400x400 Well Without Lid
0322-6600 DX59810 400x400 Grey Solid Lid
0322-6603 DX59811 400x400 Grey Gridded Cover
0322-6606 DX59830 400x400 Green Solid Cover
0322-6609 DX59831 400x400 Green Gridded Cover
0322-6612 DX59840 400x400 Well Divider
0322-6615 DX59851 400x400 Well Sealing Gasket
0322-6618 DX59901 500x500 Well
0322-6621 DX59902 500x500 Well Without Lid
0322-6624 DX59910 500x500 Grey Solid Lid
0322-6627 DX59911 550x550 Grey Gridded Cover
0322-6630 DX59930 500x500 Green Solid Cover
0322-6633 DX59931 500x500 Green Gridded Cover
0322-6636 DX59951 500x500 Well Sealing Gasket
0322-6639 GW20277 75 OHM End-Of-Line Resistor
0322-6642 GW20356 15A 2P+E Austr.Socket-Outlet SY/WT
0322-6645 GW20357 10A 2P+E Austr.Socket-Outlet SY/WT
0322-6648 GW20470 RF Burglar-16 Zone Control Unit
0322-6651 GW20471 RF Burglar-32 Zone Control Unit
0322-6654 GW20472 RF Burglar-4 Channel Remote Control
0322-6657 GW20473 RF Burglar-Code Keyboard
0322-6660 GW20474 RF Burglar-Proximity Key
0322-6663 GW20475 RF Burglar-Display Module
0322-6666 GW20477 RF Burglar-Directional Infrared Detector
0322-6669 GW20478 RF Burglar-External Detector
0322-6672 GW20479 RF Burglar-Standard Contacts Detector
0322-6675 GW20480 RF Burglar-Signal Repeater
0322-6678 GW20483 RF Burglar-Smoke Detector
0322-6681 GW20490 RF Burglar-External Siren
0322-6684 GW20493 RF Burglar-Roller-Shutter Cab.Contact
0322-6687 GW20494 RF Burglar-Surface MAgnetic Contact
0322-6690 GW20495 RF Burglar-Walkable MAgnetic Contact
0322-6693 GW20497 Standard RF Burglar Alarm Kit
0322-6696 GW20499 PC-Control Unit Link Cable
0322-6699 GW20663 Push Button Interface 2 Channels - SY/WT
0322-6702 GW20664 Push Button Interface 4 Channels - SY/WT
0322-6705 GW20685 Socket-Outlet RJ45 Cat6 UTP SY/WT
0322-6708 GW20686 Socket-Outlet RJ45 Cat6 FTP SY/WT
0322-6711 GW20691 O.F.Socket-Outlet MT-RJ 50/125U SY/WT
0322-6714 GW20692 O.F.Socket-Outlet Duplex Bus.50/125U S/W
0322-6717 GW20693 O.F.Socket-Outlet St Simplex 50/125U S/W
0322-6720 GW20818 Elec.Dimmer P.-But.230V 55-80VA SY/WT
0322-6723 GW20890 Inf.Detector+Photoel.Cell+Plate S/W/V
0322-6726 GW20891 1-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/V
0322-6729 GW20892 2-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/V
0322-6732 GW20893 3-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/V
0322-6735 GW20894 4-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/V
0322-6738 GW20963 Portable 3-Channel Remote Control
0322-6741 GW20966 2-Channel Input Module(230V)1Mod.SY/WT
0322-6744 GW20970 White RF Weekly Progr.Elec.Thermostat
0322-6747 GW20971 Tit.RF Weekly Progr.Elec.Thermostat
0322-6750 GW20972 RF Slate Sur.-M.Progr.Elec.Thermostat
0322-6753 GW20980 1-Channel Output Mod.3A-250V 1Mod.SY/WT
0322-6756 GW20981 1-Channel Output Mod.16A-250V2Mod.SY/WT
0322-6759 GW20982 1-CH Output 8A-250V 2M Motor Contr.SY/WT
0322-6762 GW20985 Signal Repeater Module2Mod.SY/WT
0322-6765 GW20988 Telephone Actuator 2 Cont.230V 50HZ
0322-6768 GW20990 Inf.Detector+Photoel.Cell+Plate S/W/T
0322-6771 GW20991 1-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/T
0322-6774 GW20992 2-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/T
0322-6777 GW20993 3-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/T
0322-6780 GW20994 4-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/W/T
0322-6783 GW21356 15A 2P+E Austr.Socket-Outlet SY/BK
0322-6786 GW21357 10A 2P+E Austr.Socket-Outlet SY/WT
0322-6789 GW21663 Push Button Interface 2 Channels - SY/BK
0322-6792 GW21664 Push Button Interface 4 Channels - SY/BK
0322-6795 GW21685 Socket-Outlet RJ45 Cat6 UTP SY/BK
0322-6798 GW21686 Socket-Outlet RJ45 Cat6 FTP SY/BK
0322-6801 GW21691 O.F.Socket Outlet MT-RJ 50/125U SY/BK
0322-6804 GW21692 O.F.Socket-Outlet Duplex Bus.50/125U S/B
0322-6807 GW21693 O.F.Socket-Outlet St Simplex 50/125U S/B
0322-6810 GW21818 Elec.Dimmer P.-But.230V 55-80VA SY/BK
0322-6813 GW21890 Inf.Detector+Photoel.Cell+Plate S/B/V
0322-6816 GW21891 1-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/B/V
0322-6819 GW21892 2-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/B/V
0322-6822 GW21893 3-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/B/V
0322-6825 GW21894 4-Channel Push-Button Panel+Plate S/B/V
0322-6828 GW21966 2-Channel Input Module(230V)1Mod.SY/BK
0322-6831 GW21980 1-Channel Output Mod.3A-250V 1Mod.SY/BK
0322-6834 GW21981 1-Channel Output Mod.16A-250V2Mod.SY/BK
0322-6837 GW21982 1-CH Output 8A-250V 2M Motor Contr.SY/BK