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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0125-0302 GW22164 Plate 4G. Sky Blue System Virna
0125-0305 GW22166 Plate 6G. Sky Blue System Virna
0125-0308 GW22171 Plate 1G. Jazz Blue System Virna
0125-0311 GW22172 Plate 2G. Jazz Blue System Virna
0125-0314 GW22173 Plate 3G. Jazz Blue System Virna
0125-0317 GW22174 Plate 4G. Jazz Blue System Virna
0125-0320 GW22176 Plate 6G. Jazz Blue System Virna
0125-0323 GW22181 Plate 1G. Corn Yellow System Virna
0125-0326 GW22182 Plate 2G. Corn Yellow System Virna
0125-0329 GW22183 Plate 3G. Corn Yellow System Virna
0125-0332 GW22184 Plate 4G. Corn Yellow System Virna
0125-0335 GW22186 Plate 6G. Corn Yellow System Virna
0125-0338 GW22213 Plate 3G. Chrome System Classic
0125-0341 GW22214 Plate 4G. Chrome System Classic
0125-0344 GW22223 Plate 3G. Gold System Classic
0125-0347 GW22224 Plate 4G. Gold System Classic
0125-0350 GW22233 Plate 3G. Bronze System Classic
0125-0353 GW22234 Plate 4G. Bronze System Classic
0125-0356 GW22251 Plate 1G. Chrome System Virna
0125-0359 GW22252 Plate 2G. Chrome System Virna
0125-0362 GW22253 Plate 3G. Chrome System Virna
0125-0365 GW22254 Plate 4G. Chrome System Virna
0125-0368 GW22256 Plate 6G. Chrome System Virna
0125-0371 GW22261 Plate 1G. Gold System Virna
0125-0374 GW22262 Plate 2G. Gold System Virna
0125-0377 GW22263 Plate 3G. Gold System Virna
0125-0380 GW22264 Plate 4G. Gold System Virna
0125-0383 GW22266 Plate 6G. Gold System Virna
0125-0386 GW22271 Plate 1G. EN. Walnut System Virna
0125-0389 GW22272 Plate 2G. EN. Walnut System Virna
0125-0392 GW22273 Plate 3G. EN. Walnut System Virna
0125-0395 GW22274 Plate 4G. EN. Walnut System Virna
0125-0398 GW22276 Plate 6G. EN. Walnut System Virna
0125-0401 GW22281 Plate 1G. Met. Titanium System Virna
0125-0404 GW22282 Plate 2G. Met. Titanium System Virna
0125-0407 GW22283 Plate 3G. Met. Titanium System Virna
0125-0410 GW22284 Plate 4G. Met. Titanium System Virna
0125-0413 GW22286 Plate 6G. Met. Titanium System Virna
0125-0416 GW22291 Plate 1G. Met. Slate System Virna
0125-0419 GW22292 Plate 2G. Met. Slate System Virna
0125-0422 GW22293 Plate 3G. Met. Slate System Virna
0125-0425 GW22294 Plate 4G. Met. Slate System Virna
0125-0428 GW22296 Plate 6G. Met. Slate System Virna
0125-0431 GW68776 Security Key For Qmc 16 / 63
0125-0434 GW68777 Rep. Door For Emerg. Qmc 63 2 Mod.
0125-0437 GW80231 Startec Nm 6W 230V 50/60HZ IP40 - 1 H.
0125-0440 GW80233 Startec Nm 11W 230V 50/60HZ IP40 - 1 H.
0125-0443 GW80234 Startec Nm 11W 230V 50/60HZ IP40 - 3 H.
0125-0446 GW80235 Startec Nm 8W 1H 230V-50/60HZ
0125-0449 GW80236 Startec Nm 8W 230V 50/60HZ IP40 - 3 H.
0125-0452 GW80237 Startec Nm 24W 230V 50/60HZ IP40 - 1 H.
0125-0455 GW80326 Startec PRo Par/P. 8W P 1H R.24H 230V
0125-0458 GW80327 Startec PRo Par/P. 8W P 3H R.24H 230V
0125-0461 GW80328 Startec Nm 8W 230V 50/60HZ IP40 - 1 H.
0125-0464 GW80761 Bolla 200 60W E27 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0467 GW80762 Bolla 200 2x7W G23 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0470 GW80763 Bolla 260 100W E27 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0473 GW80764 Bolla 260 2x9W G23 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0476 GW80771 Guscio 250x175 60W E27 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0479 GW80772 Guscio 250x175 1x9W G23 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0482 GW80773 Guscio 250x175 2x9W G23 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0485 GW80774 Guscio 320x225 100W E27 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0488 GW80775 Guscio 320x225 1x26W G24 IP55 G. Grey
0125-0491 GW80910 Startec Check Wall/Ceil.NP 24W 3H
0125-0494 GW80914 Startec Check Wall/Ceil. P 11W 3H
0125-0497 GW80918 Startec Check Wall/Ceil. P 24W 3H
0125-0500 GW80972 Startec Check Fl. Np 11W 3H
0125-0503 GW80976 Startec Check Fl. P 11W 1H
0125-0506 GW80977 Startec Check Fl. P 11W 3H
0125-0509 GW81218 Startec Flat 24W Np 1H
0125-0512 GW81219 Startec Flat 24W P 1H
0125-0515 GW81281 Startec Basic Flush-MO. 11W N.P. 3H IP40
0125-0518 GW81286 Startec Basic Flush-Mount 11W P. 1H IP40
0125-0521 GW81287 Startec Basic Flush-Mount 11W P. 3H IP40
0125-0524 GW81308 Startec Net Wall/Ceil.NP 3H 24W
0125-0527 GW81314 Startec Net Wall/Ceil.P 11W 3H
0125-0530 GW81318 Startec Net Wall/Ceil.24W P. 3H IP40
0125-0533 GW81332 Startec Net Fl.M.NP 24W 3H
0125-0536 GW81339 Startec Net Fl.M.P 24W 3H
0125-0539 GW81346 Startec Net IP65 D.Centr.NP 24W 3H
0125-0542 GW81354 Startec Net IP65 D.Centr. P 24W 3H
0125-0545 GW81370 Kit Lon Rs485 MAx.Power 32W
0125-0548 GW81375 Kit Lon Rs485 MAx.Power 58W
0125-0551 GW81382 Startec Net Fl.M.NP 11W 3H
0125-0554 GW81386 Startec Net Fl.M.P 11W 1H
0125-0557 GW81387 Startec Net Flush-Mount. 11W P. 3H IP40
0125-0560 GW81403 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 11W N.P. 1H IP40
0125-0563 GW81404 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 11W Np 3H IP40
0125-0566 GW81406 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 24W Np 3H IP40
0125-0569 GW81413 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 11W P 1H IP40
0125-0572 GW81414 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 11W P 3H IP40
0125-0575 GW81416 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 24W P. 3H IP40
0125-0578 GW81422 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil.8W Np 3H IP65
0125-0581 GW81426 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil.24W Np 3H IP65
0125-0584 GW81432 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil. 8W P 3H IP65
0125-0587 GW81436 Startec Eib Wall/Ceil.24W P 3H IP65
0125-0590 GW81445 Startec Eib Double Side 11W P 3H IP40
0125-0593 GW81446 Startec Eib Double Side 11W P. 3H IP40
0125-0596 GW81451 Kit Eib MAx.Power 32W
0125-0599 GW81452 Kit Eib MAx Power 58W