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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0824-4289 MV66648 Ecrou Hu M10 Inox
0824-4292 MV66676 Rondelle M6 Inox
0824-4295 MV66677 Rondelle M8 Inox
0824-4298 MV66678 Rondelle M10 Inox
0824-4301 NP40020 Mini S 6X7 Transp.
0824-4304 NP40022 Mini S 8X9 Transp.
0943-1179 UK014002 Shower Unit 63A RCD
0943-1182 UK014001 Garage Unit 40A RCD
1113-2050 GW68003N Q-DIN ID Way Mod Box
1168-7929 DX59452 Kit 4 Screws For 400X400-550X550 Wells
1168-7932 DX59453 Kit Lifting Central Screw Bolt
1168-7935 DX59460 Kit 8 Pozzetti Imp.200X200 Con Coperchio
1168-7938 DX59760 Kit 8 Pozzetti Imp.300X300 Con Coperchio
1168-7941 DX59940 Separator Plate For 550X550 Wells
1168-7944 GW10039 Badge-Operated Mech.Switch 2M Ch/WT
1168-7947 GW10100TB Pannello Touch Screen Master Bianco
1168-7950 GW10100VA Pannello Touch Screen Master Ardesia
1168-7953 GW10100VT Pannello Touch Screen Master Titanio
1168-7956 GW10288 Socket 1M 2P+E 15A Usa St White
1168-7959 GW10386 Tv+FM Socket Support Ch/WT
1168-7962 GW10387 Tv+FM+SAt Socket Support Ch/WT
1168-7965 GW10410 Rj11 Double Connector+Adsl Filter Ch/WH
1168-7968 GW10456 Hdmi Connector Ch/WH
1168-7971 GW10457 Usb Connector Ch/WT
1168-7974 GW10458 Sound Diffusion Connector White
1168-7977 GW10661 Ext.Anti-Blackout Lamp 230VAc 50/60HZ 2H
1168-7980 GW10741 Pulsantiera Touch Easy 6 Can.Meccanismo
1168-7983 GW10746 Pulsantiera Touch Knx 6 Can.Meccanismo
1168-7986 GW10753 Pulsantiera Easy 3P 6 Canali Bianco
1168-7989 GW10754 Pulsant.Easy 3P 6 Canali+1Attuat.Bianco
1168-7992 GW10755 Pulsant.Easy3P 6 Canali+1ATt.TAp.Bianco
1168-7995 GW10770 Camera, Fl-M Indoor 2M White
1168-7998 GW10783 Pulsantiera Knx 3P 6 Canali Bianco
1168-8001 GW10784 Pulsant.KNx 3P 6 Canali+1Attuat.Bianco
1168-8004 GW10785 Pulsant.KNx 3P 6 Canali+1ATt.TAp.Bianco
1168-8007 GW10893 Signalling Unit 12/24V White Led Quick W
1168-8010 GW10894 Unita` Segn.LEd Bianco 12/24V Cavo Alim.
1168-8013 GW10904 Interruttore Touch 1M Bianco
1168-8016 GW10905 Dimmer Touch 1M Bianco
1168-8019 GW10906 Duplicatore Di Comando Touch 1M Bianco
1168-8022 GW10907 Interruttore Touch 1M Meccanismo
1168-8025 GW10908 Dimmer Touch 1M Meccanismo
1168-8028 GW10909 Duplicatore Comando Touch 1M Meccanismo
1168-8031 GW10912 Puls. Elettr. Luminoso 230V Led 1M Ch/WH
1168-8034 GW10913 Pulsante Elettr.BUs/230V Biled 1M Ch/WH
1168-8037 GW10914 Pulsante Elettr.BUs/230V Doppio Ch/WH
1168-8040 GW10915 Pulsante Elettronico 1M Bus/230V Ch/WH
1168-8043 GW12039 Badge-Operated Mech.Switch 2M Black
1168-8046 GW12288 Socket 1M 2P+E 15A Usa St Black
1168-8049 GW12386 Tv+FM Socket Support Ch/BK
1168-8052 GW12387 Tv+FM+SAt Socket Support Ch/BK
1168-8055 GW12410 Rj11 Double Connector+Adsl Filter Ch/BK
1168-8058 GW12456 Hdmi Connector Ch/BK
1168-8061 GW12457 Usb Connector Ch/BK
1168-8064 GW12458 Sound Diffusion Connector Black
1168-8067 GW12753 Pulsantiera Easy 3P 6 Canali Nero
1168-8070 GW12754 Pulsant.Easy 3P 6 Canali+1Attuat.Nero
1168-8073 GW12755 Pulsant.Easy3P 6 Canali+1ATt.TAp.Nero
1168-8076 GW12770 Camera, Fl-M Indoor 2M Black
1168-8079 GW12783 Pulsantiera Knx 3P 6 Canali Nero
1168-8082 GW12784 Pulsant.KNx 3P 6 Canali+1Attuat.Nero
1168-8085 GW12785 Pulsant.KNx 3P 6 Canali+1ATt.TAp.Nero
1168-8088 GW12904 Interruttore Touch 1M Nero
1168-8091 GW12905 Dimmer Touch 1M Nero
1168-8094 GW12906 Duplicatore Di Comando Touch 1M Nero
1168-8097 GW12912 Light Touch Push-Button 230V Led1M Ch/BK
1168-8100 GW12913 Pulsante Elettr.BUs/230V Biled 1M Ch/BK
1168-8103 GW12914 Pulsante Elettr.BUs/230V Doppio Ch/BK
1168-8106 GW12915 Pulsante Elettronico 1M Bus/230V Ch/BK
1168-8109 GW14039 Badge-Operated Mech.Switch 2M Titanium
1168-8112 GW14288 Socket 1M 2P+E 15A Usa St Titanium
1168-8115 GW14386 Tv+FM Socket Support Ch/TI
1168-8118 GW14387 Tv+FM+SAt Socket Support Ch/TI
1168-8121 GW14410 Rj11 Double Connector+Adsl Filter Ch/TI
1168-8124 GW14456 Hdmi Connector Ch/TI
1168-8127 GW14457 Usb Connector Ch/TI
1168-8130 GW14458 Sound Diffusion Connector Titanium
1168-8133 GW14661 Ext.Anti-Blackout Lamp 230VAc 50/60HZ T.
1168-8136 GW14753 Pulsantiera Easy 3P 6 Canali Titanio
1168-8139 GW14754 Pulsant.Easy 3P 6 Canali+1Attuat.Titanio
1168-8142 GW14755 Pulsant.Easy3P 6 Canali+1ATt.TAp.Titanio
1168-8145 GW14770 Camera, Fl-M Indoor 2M Titanium
1168-8148 GW14783 Pulsantiera Knx 3P 6 Canali Titanio
1168-8151 GW14784 Pulsant.KNx 3P 6 Canali+1Attuat.Titanio
1168-8154 GW14785 Pulsant.KNx 3P 6 Canali+1ATt.TAp.Titanio
1168-8157 GW14904 Interruttore Touch 1M Titanio
1168-8160 GW14905 Dimmer Touch 1M Titanio
1168-8163 GW14906 Duplicatore Di Comando Touch 1M Titanio
1168-8166 GW14912 Light Touch Push-Button 230V Led1M Ch/TI
1168-8169 GW14913 Pulsante Elettr.BUs/230V Biled 1M Ch/TI
1168-8172 GW14914 Pulsante Elettr.BUs/230V Doppio Ch/TI
1168-8175 GW14915 Pulsante Elettronico 1M Bus/230V Ch/TI
1168-8178 GW16102TC Placca One 2P Avana
1168-8181 GW16102TI Placca One 2P Avorio
1168-8184 GW16103TC Placca One 3P Avana
1168-8187 GW16103TI Placca One 3P Avorio
1168-8190 GW16104TC Placca One 4P Avana
1168-8193 GW16104TI Placca One 4P Avorio
1168-8196 GW16106TC Placca One 6P Avana
1168-8199 GW16106TI Placca One 6P Avorio