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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0061-7395 CEFLPIR Ceiling Occupancy Switch, Flush Mounting
0061-7404 CELO Ceiling Surface Plug-IN Occ Switch 6A Fl
0061-7413 CESL Ceiling Slave Relay With Socket And Box.
0061-7416 CESO Round Ceiling Socket - For Plug-IN Danle
0061-7419 COPD Compact Person Detector - Pir Switch + A
0061-7491 SS1SL 1 Gang Slave Switch For Use With Soft St
0061-7515 FASP Fan Speed Control 1 Or 2 Way Rotary Knob
0061-7533 PABO Ceiling Pattress Box - For Square Surfac
0061-7539 TLSW10 Time Lag Switch - 1 Minutes To 10 Minute
0061-7542 TLSWA120 Time Lag Switch - 12 To 120 Minut
0061-7545 TLSWA20 Time Lag Switch - 2 To 20 Minutes
0061-7551 TWSW Twilight Switch - All Night Adjustable P
0130-9552 DP1D250WIET 1 Gang Dimmer 40-250 Watts
0143-9479 CEFLPIR/SEALED Ceiling Flush Mounted Splash Proof 360de
0143-9482 CEFLPIR10A Ceiling Flush Mounted 10A 360Deg
0143-9485 CESFPIR Ceiling Surface Mounted 360Deg
0143-9488 WACEPIR Wall Mounted 3 Wire 120Deg
0143-9491 WAPIR Wall Occ Switch 2 Wire No Neutral 6A Flu
0143-9494 CEDR6PLR Ceiling Directional Plug in 30M Range Na
0143-9497 TLSW10ILM 2 Wire Time Lag
0143-9500 TLSWA20ILM Time Lag Switch With Illuminated Button
0143-9503 HASE1RF 1 Channel Hand Sender
0143-9506 HASE12RF 12 Channel Hand Sender
0143-9509 WASE1RFWHI 1 Channel Wall Sender
0143-9512 WASE2RFWHI 2 Channel Wall Sender
0143-9515 WACERFS Wall or Ceiling Receiver Switch
0143-9521 CERFS6ASO Ceiling Reciever Switch Socket 6A Fluore
0143-9524 EXRFS Ext Rf Switch 6A Resistive 1A Fluo
0143-9530 WACERFD250W Wall or Ceiling Receiver Dimmer 250W
0143-9539 CE2SL Ceiling Double Slave Relay With Socket A
0188-5504 WAPIRTH Wall Mounted PIR Thermostat control
0188-5507 TLSWHB Wall Mounted Heater Boost Switch
0260-4343 CEDR6P Ceiling Directional Occupancy Switch, 6A
0260-4346 CEFLDD10VDC Ceiling Flush Daylight Linked Dimmer
0260-4367 SLSE1RFSO RF Slave Sender With Socket
0260-4370 TLSWA120ILM Time Lag Switch, 3 Wire 12-120 Mins Illu
0260-4568 DSS1D250W 1G, Multi Way, 40-250W Soft Start Dimmer
0260-4571 DSS1D400W 1G, Multi Way, 60-400W Soft Start Dimmer
0260-4577 DSS2D250W 2G, Multi W, 40-250W/G Soft Start Dimmer
0260-4580 DSSGDMK400W SS Dimmer Module MK Grid+, MW, 60-400W
0260-4583 DSSGDCB400W SS Dimmer Module Crabtree, MW, 60-400W
0458-5162 CESFPIRVF Ceiling MTD PIR Volt Free
0459-6172 CESOSQ Square Ceiling Socket For Plug-In Produc
0459-6403 SSGSMK Slave Switch, MK Grid Plus
0459-6406 SSGSCB Slave Switch, Crabtree Grid
0518-3083 SSGSEU Soft Start Dimmer
0553-8682 DP1S1500W 1 Gang 2 Way 1500W Module
0620-2138 CEFLPIRDDDSI Flush Occup. S - Daylight Linked Dimmer
0620-2189 GRTLEU Grid Time Lag Switch Eurodata 2 Wire 1-1
0620-2192 GRTLMKILM Grid Time Lag Switch Mk Grid+ 2 Wire 1-1
0620-2195 GRTLCBILM Grid Time Lag Switch Crabtree 2 Wire 1-1
0739-0237 DP1D10VDCMB 1 Gang Push Dimmer For Several Hf Ballas
0739-0240 DP1D10VDCSB 1 Gang Push Dimmer For 1 Or 2 Hf Ballas
0739-0243 DP1DDSI 1 Gang Push Dimmer For Several Hf Ballas
0739-0246 DQDGDCB400W Quiet Grid Dimmer Module For Crabtree Gr
0739-0249 DQDGDEU400W Quiet Grid Dimmer Module For Eurodata Pl
0739-0252 DQDGDMK400W Quiet Grid Dimmer Module For Mk Grid Plu
0739-0255 DSSGDCB10VDC Grid Dimmer Module For Several Hf Ballas
0739-0261 DSSGDMK10VDC Grid Dimmer Module For Several Hf Ballas
0739-0264 EXTLSW Ext Time Lag Switch 3 Wire Needs Neutral
0739-0267 EXTLSW16A Exterior Time Lag Switch, 3 Wire (NEeds
0739-0270 GRTLACB Grid Time Lag Switch Module, 3 Wire, 1 T
0739-0273 GRTLACBILM Grid Time Lag Switch Module, 3 Wire, 1 T
0739-0282 GRTLAMK Grid Time Lag Switch Module, 3 Wire, 1 T
0739-0288 HASE2RF Key Fob Sender, 2 Channel, Radio Frequen
0780-5242 WACEPIR2DET Wall Mounted 3 Wire c/w Relay
0900-6730 CAPLOAD Load Capacitor To Augment Small Loads On