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VDE Screwdrivers Slotted Head

  • For work on live equipment up to 1000V.
  • IEC 900, EN 60900, DIN-EN 60900.
  • Ergonomically developed 3 component handle of polypropylene & thermoplastic elastomere.
  • Blade is of fine polished bright chrome plated vanadium extra construction.
  • Entirely hardened & black tip oxidised.
  • Tested to 10 kV.
  • Slotted head up to 8mm.
  • colour coded for easy identification.

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Stock Code Catalogue Description Quantity
0044-5486 BE8010S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 2.5mm x 75mm
0044-5495 BE8040S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 4.0mm x 10
0044-5498 BE8050S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 5.5mm x 12
0044-5504 BE8065S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 8.0mm x 17
0044-5489 BE8220S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 3.0mm x 10
0044-5492 BE8230S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 3.5mm x 10
0044-5501 BE8255S 1000V S/Driver Sltd 6.5mm x 15