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Our easy WEEE and Lampcare Divisions are the first national UK service to provide full WEEE recycling facilities with over 400 fully owned Designated Collection Facilities.

Lamp Recycling

We recycle all different categories of lamps under one roof at our two plants in the United Kingdom.

We supply one container to take all types of fluorescent tubes and gas discharge lamps and instead of you having to segregate and count your lamp waste separately, we do it for you. We collect the containers and transport them back to our plants for the lamps to be fully recycled, including the recovering of sodium and mercury for re-use. You are safe in the knowledge that you are 100% compliant with legislation at all times.

Recycling bin full of lamps
WEEE for Private Households

City Electrical Factors are obliged, under the UK Regulations, to offer our customers from Private Households free take-back of their WEEE on a like-for-like basis when you buy from us a new electrical or electronic product. You can find out more information in attachment below.

WEEE Recycling

Backed up by a national transport service throughout the UK and a revolutionary state of the art recycling plant, we’re here to take care of your WEEE recycling needs.

With a 20 tonnes per hour WEEE capacity, a patented unique and environmentally sound technology for processing up to 800 Computer Screens and Televisions per hour, easyWEEE is here to provide a seamless solution to your WEEE requirements.

All of the waste that comes to easyWEEE is fully recycled. The only items that we don’t process ourselves are fridges and we use a partner company to recycle any that we collect. The rest of the waste we collect is fully recycled within our modern and revolutionary system, which means nothing is sent to landfill and with this knowledge you can have total peace of mind. You call us, we collect it and we fully recycle it. What could be easier than CEF and easyWEEE?

Recycling bin and recycling plant