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The 18th Edition Live: Lessons learned at the Faraday Theatre

The NICEIC Live Cinema Event

The NICEIC & ELECSA hosted a world first on Wednesday, broadcasting an overview of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations live from the Faraday Theatre to over 40 cinemas across the UK. As gold sponsors of the event, CEF were thrilled to play their part in this landmark industry event.

Taking place just two days after the release of the 18th Edition, the event gave an insight into the major changes listed in the new regulations, and what they mean for electricians. Darren Staniforth, Senior Technical Presenter, was joined on stage by Alan Wells, Technical and Standards Director, and Jake Green, the NICEIC’s new presenting partner, to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions about the regulation.

Why has the 18th edition been released now?

The release of a new edition has been a contentious subject, with some feeling that the changes could have been included as amendments instead.

The IET clarified to Darren and the audience that editions are traditionally amended twice. The 17th has had an extra, third amendment – due to EV regulation – which meant that the most recent round of changes had to be part of a new edition.

When will electricians be assessed on the 18th?

For NICEIC members, it depends on when your next assessment is due and what you decide with your assessor if it is in the next six months. Those taking place after 31st December 2018 will be assessed on the new regulations.

What if a project has already started, but won’t be complete until 2019?

In this instance, if you have designed a project under the 17th edition, it should be certified under 17th edition regulations. The NICEIC are advising that contractors keep certificates for use in these instances, and to make sure they communicate the situation to their client.

What are the biggest changes to the regulations?

Some of the most significant changes include:

  • Guidance on installing additional protection – such as Arc Fault Detection Devices, SPDs and RCDs.
  • New details on bonding – and when you need to do it – is now covered in 411.3.1.2: a welcome clarification on when and how pipes must be bonded.
  • Removal of the 3rd amendment on non-combustible cable supports in escape routes. This has been replaced with regulations stating that all supports must now be non-combustible.

A surprising omission was the anticipated Part 8 on electrical efficiency. Instead, these installations are now covered by appendix 17.

The live event took place in the Michael Faraday theatre. Known as the father of electronics, Faraday invented the first electrical motor on the site in 1822. Hosted by Ore Oduba, television presenter and Strictly Come Dancing winner, the three-hour event also gave an interesting insight into the history of electricity.

NICEIC and CEF: Your Electrical Experts

The event is the first step in CEF’s new strategic partnership with NICEIC & ELECSA. This year, CEF will be joining NICEIC in a range of initiatives to support CEF customers through the 18th Edition transition, including joining six other sponsors at NICEIC’s Tech Talks between August 2018 and January 2019 and hosting CEF branded tech talks in association with NICEIC & ELECSA in a range of other locations.

The NICEIC & ELISA's Summary of Changes booklet outlining the main changes within the 18th Edition is available now to CEF customers in all CEF stores across the UK.