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Choosing The Right Water Heating Products

Choosing The Right Water Heating Products

Choosing the right water heating solutions for domestic or commercial spaces can make a huge difference when it comes to efficiency and cost savings. To help you narrow down your choice, we’ve rounded up the most popular types of water heaters and offer some guidance on installation – whatever the job:

Vented water heaters – perfect for installation in the workplace

Vented water heaters are economical and easy to install. Plus, they only require a cold-water feed and mains electricity for operation. They are often required where there is no or little hot water storage nearby. Vented water heaters have no need for expansion vessels or pressure relief valves – they connect directly to the cold-water supply, while heating and storing cold water ready for use when necessary.

Vented water heaters are designed for use in both commercial and domestic environments but are well-suited for installation in workplaces, offices, portable buildings and factories. They can be fitted both over- and under-sink, with the latter installation requiring the addition of special vented taps. The Redring WS7 7 Litre 3kW Oversink Water Heater is a popular, versatile and economical option that can be mounted and installed in either location.

Specifically designed for under-sink usage, the Zip 5L 2kW Tudor Undersink Water Heater comes with a 3l/minute flow rate and a low density spiral heating element. This ensures both a fast recovery time and long life for the unit.

Unvented water heaters – ideal for multi-sink capability

Unvented water heaters are ideal for applications where more than one outlet or multi-sink capability is required. They operate on a pressurised system that is fed directly from the cold mains water feed and can deliver hot water at mains pressure, significantly improving the performance of showers and baths. Unvented water heaters make a big difference in washrooms with multiple basins; student accommodation; and domestic premises lacking in a central hot water system nearby.

When these types of heaters are installed, the end user can enjoy high-flow rates and a balanced hot/cold water supply that can be used with standard taps. Unvented water heaters come with a variety of safety mechanisms, including pressure relief valves and twin thermostats.

The Hyco 15 Litre 2kW Speedflow Unvented Water Heater is a great example – it’s IPX4 rated, offers high performance and up to 15l of stored hot water that can be used instantaneously. It can also supply multiple sinks in one go.

Instantaneous water heaters – for hot water on demand

Instantaneous water heaters are particularly economical to run – unlike vented and unvented water heaters, they do not store hot water but heat on demand, therefore requiring a cold water feed.

Instantaneous heaters deliver water directly at point of use and are A rated for energy efficiency, as heat losses are virtually eliminated.

Instantaneous water heaters are available in a variety of kW ratings depending on your customer’s usage requirements. Ranging from 3kW handwash units that provide unlimited hot water to a single basin, such as the compact, slim and stylish Heatstore 3.0kW Handwash 240mm Swivel Spout, or the Triton 3kW Instant Oversink Handwash Unit – right through to three-phase units with power ratings of up to 27kW – ideal for use in commercial premises. Take a look at the Redring Powerstream range, perfect for use in en-suite shower rooms, small washrooms washrooms, cloakrooms, and utility applications.

Boiling water units – a popular alternative to the traditional kettle

Your customers need not waste any more time waiting for a kettle to boil. Providing anything from 18 to 240 cups at a time, boiling water units save energy by only using the exact water required. They are robust enough for any commercial environment and are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional kettle. Zip 3 Litre 1.5kW Instant Oversink HydroBoil is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and reliable boiling water units on the market and, if economy is important, take a look at the Zip Econoboil range.

With a vast range of water heating products online and in-store, CEF can provide a solution for all hot water requirements. Check out pages 1254 – 1308 in our CEF Trade Catalogue or click here to view online.