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Lighting Season Best Sellers

Lighting Season Best Sellers Round Up

Lighting season is fast approaching and to help you prepare for the upsurge in lighting business we have rounded up our best sellers across seven of our most popular lighting categories:

Lighting Controls

Help your customers control their energy costs with our wide range of lighting controls.
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Downlights & Accessories

We stock a huge range of domestic and commercial downlights, in a range of colours and lamp types.
View our best sellers here

Batten Fittings

Our extensive range of batten fittings and accessories are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
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Our range of interior and exterior bulkheads are available in many lamp sources, including low energy and LED.
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LED Panels

Illuminate large indoor areas with our comprehensive range of LED panels perfect for residential properties, offices and warehouses.
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Our range of T5, T8 and LED non-corrosive fittings are a great source of light for all commercial and industrial applications, such as car parks and factories, or any other harsh environments.
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Make sure that in the event of an emergency, your customers have the right lighting to illuminate the exit path with our range of emergency lighting.
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