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Free online Expert Installer Training from Aico


Get up to speed on the latest Fire and Carbon Monoxide legislation, products and technologies and find out how to select, site and install Aico alarms.

Aico, the UK market leader in Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection, are hosting a series of webinars throughout April to help Electrical Contractors and Gas Safety Engineers, keep up to date on regulations and requirements, as well as the latest product innovations.

The webinars, based on Aico’s award-winning, training scheme will take place almost every day until 1st May and will be delivered by Andy Speake, Aico’s National Technical Manager and Michael Wright, Aico’s Product Development Manager.

Full details of the webinars can be found below. To register visit here.

SmartLINK Gateway Solution

When: 9th April at 14:30, 16th April at 10:30, 21st April at 14:30, 30th April at 10:30

Duration: 60 minutes

This presentation covers the minimum requirements for the new SmartLINK gateway, how to install the SmartLINK gateway including the mobile app and details how live notifications and reporting through the online portal present huge benefits to managing housing stock.

Scottish Legislation

When: 14th April at 14:30

Duration: 30 minutes

This presentation focuses on the new legislation introduced in Scotland in 2019 and covers the basis of the new legislation, how this impacts landlords and home owners as well as how to achieve the new requirements.

Expert Installer Training

When: 15th April at 14:30, 17th April at 10:30, 20th April at 10:30, 22nd April at 14:30, 24th April at 10:30, 27th April at 14:30, 29th April at 10:30, 1st May at 14:30

Duration 60 minutes

This CPD certified presentation provides an overview of Domestic Smoke/CO alarms within the UK and includes details on Standards/Regulations/Legislation plus a detailed overview of BS 5839-6:2019, system design, alarm sensor types and system installation.

BS 5839:6-2019 Updates

When: 23rd April at 10:30

Duration: 30 minutes

This CPD certified presentation is designed for those who are already aware of BS 5839-6:2013 and would benefit from a refresher and update on the latest changes introduced in the 2019 revision.

Interconnecting Smoke and CO alarms

When: 28th April at 10:30

Duration: 30 minutes

This CPD certified session discusses the benefits and considerations when interconnecting both Smoke and CO alarms within a property