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New Site Safety Guidance Released


The Construction Leadership Council has released the third version of their Site Operating Procedures guidance to protect construction workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The update includes risk reduction measures for tasks where workers have to be within two metres of each other and provides more detailed guidance for those who have no option but to share transport to work.

Key changes within the guidance include:

  • Confirmation that the HSE is the enforcing authority for PHE guidelines
  • The need for sites to monitor the implementation of the procedures
  • Further details on who should not travel to work
  • Guidance for those who have no option but to share transport to work
  • Information on the hierarchy of controls which should be implemented to reduce the risk of transmission where social distancing of two metres cannot be achieved
  • Information on first aid and emergency service response

The guidance is aimed at protecting all site workers, their colleagues, their families and the UK population as well as minimising the risk of spreading the infection, so it is recommended that they are implemented by every construction site that is operational at this time.

The revised guidance is available to download from the Construction Leadership Council's website.