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Site Safety Guidance Updated For ‘One Metre Plus’ Social Distancing


Site operating procedures from the Construction Leadership Council [CLC] have been updated following the easing of lockdown measures in England from Saturday 4th July.

Version 5 of the operating procedures has been updated in certain sections to include the new rule, defining it as “two metres or one metre with risk mitigation where two metres is not viable”. It is expected that construction sites will maintain the social distancing measures in place.

Other changes to the Site Operating Procedures – V5 include:

  • Updates to the ‘When to Travel to Work’ section
  • The latest peak times for public transport
  • Entry systems to be regularly cleaned rather than between each use
  • Drivers to have access to welfare facilities
  • Canteens that have been closed or offered a restricted service may now re-open.

You can view and download Version 5 of the guidelines here.