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Is this the most flexible, compact consumer unit ever?


Schneider’s new Easy 9 compact consumer unit demonstrates that great things can come in small packages. Offering a wide choice of circuit configurations, this is one unit that won’t have electricians in a tangle, with its flexible design and easy installation options.

Its compact size makes it suitable for fitting in all sorts of confined spaces. Plus, the easy grip cover can be flipped to open from the left or right, to make the circuits inside easy to access.

Incoming cable can be connected to either the left or right hand side of the unit and once inside there are a range of options for fitting RCBO or split load circuits.

This is one consumer unit that’s sure to satisfy both homeowners and electricians. Designed to be low profile and fit in any space, it also features a removable, raised DIN rail that allows for flexible and tidy cabling.

Multiple knock out points mean cables can come in and out of different entry points, giving installers more freedom to deliver circuit protection with minimal mess or fuss.

With its multiple cable entries and adaptable DIN rail, Schneider’s new Easy 9 compact consumer unit provides electricians with flexible and adaptable circuit options within a stylish and dependable unit.