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Staying safe on Bonfire Night – top tips for electricians

Image of a family in silhouette watching fireworks in the sky with the words "Bonfire Night Safety Tips"

As an electrician, you know first-hand the dangers of electricity and fire. You work hard every day to safely handle electrical systems, but we all like to relax at the end of the work week. And what better way to unwind than gathering around a warm, crackling bonfire with friends?

While bonfires are a fun way to socialise outdoors, they do come with some safety concerns. As a professional electrician, you're no stranger to the importance of safety, so here are some simple top tips to ensure your bonfire events are accident-free.

Location, Location, Location

Choose an open area away from low-hanging trees, overhangs, wooden decks, or anything flammable. Avoid areas near power lines. Look up and survey the surroundings for any potential fire hazards before lighting up.

Clear the area around your bonfire site from leaves, dry grass, and debris. A clean area minimizes the risk of stray sparks causing unintended fires.

Prep the Fire Pit

Just as you carefully design electrical installations, construct a fire pit that's safe and well-contained. Use non-combustible materials like bricks, concrete blocks or stones to create a circle to contain the fire and embers. Or use a metal fire pit and make sure it sits level on flat, non-flammable ground.

Clear the area around your bonfire site from leaves, dry grass, and debris. A clean area minimizes the risk of stray sparks causing unintended fires.

It’s smart to lay down gravel, sand, or fire-resistant mats around the fire’s perimeter. This creates a safety barrier from flying embers that may escape the fire. Don’t light your bonfire on a wood deck or beneath a patio!

Use the right materials

You know the importance of using the right materials for the job. When it comes to a bonfire, opt for dry, seasoned firewood or charcoal. Avoid using accelerants like petrol or kerosene.

Be prepared for emergencies

Just as you have your electrical tools at the ready, keep a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand or water, and a first aid kit nearby in case of emergencies.

Shop fire extinguishers

Stay safe

Maintain a safe distance from the bonfire and educate others about the importance of doing the same. Sparks can fly unexpectedly, so wearing fire-resistant clothing is a wise choice.

Finish the job and tidy up

Once you’re done enjoying the bonfire, douse it completely with water, stir the ashes, and repeat to fully extinguish any lingering hot spots before leaving. The pit should be cold to the touch.

Your electrical expertise is the perfect knowledge base to protect yourself, your family and friends around the bonfire. By following these top tips, you can enjoy the warmth and camaraderie of a bonfire while keeping safety front of mind. Stay safe and have a great time by the bonfire!