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Powering the EV revolution with ChargePoint 

Image shows a fleet of electric vans attached to Chargepoint EV chargers, with the caption: Powering the EV revolution with ChargePoint exclusively at CEF

As the exclusive distributor for ChargePoint in the UK, we’re helping professional electricians and contractors who want to be at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. 
ChargePoint is the world’s leading EV charging network, with comprehensive solutions designed specifically for businesses and fleets. As demand for EV charging continues to accelerate across the UK, ChargePoint provides the cutting-edge hardware, software and services to meet this need. 

Benefits for businesses and fleets 

ChargePoint makes transitioning to electric vehicles seamless for businesses of all sizes. They offer a range of EV charging stations to serve fleets big and small with options to scale up or down flexibly as needs evolve.  
ChargePoint's fleet management software allows real-time monitoring, cost optimisation, and data-driven decision making. Robust telematics and analytics give businesses insights into charging usage and patterns, to help minimise costs and maximise return on investment. Customisable access controls also allow businesses to set specific charging rules and pricing. 
Drivers can also make great use of ChargePoint's vast public charging network which means consistent charging access for employees on the road. This helps businesses stay mobile and keeps operations running smoothly. 

Innovative technology 

ChargePoint leads the way in EV charging innovation. Purpose-built for simple, reliable high-powered charging, ChargePoint stations require minimal maintenance. They are backed by 24 / 7 support and mobile technicians to ensure 98% uptime. 
Their stations have clever features like cable management and modular technology which means parts can be replaced quickly and simply when needed. 
ChargePoint is also pioneering smart EV charging solutions to help control energy use and costs. Load balancing, scheduled charging, and onsite energy management help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. 

Helping you find the right EV solution 

As the exclusive distributor for ChargePoint in the UK, we can help you find the right ChargePoint solution for your customer's specific needs. From initial site design through to installation, activation and management, ChargePoint experts support the entire project lifecycle. 
As demand for EV charging accelerates, electricians and contractors can play a critical role in this infrastructure revolution. Choosing ChargePoint solutions ensures you are working with an industry leader, trusted by major global brands and fleets.  
Explore the ChargePoint range online or ask in your local branch to learn more about powering the future of transportation.