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Did you know the future of connectivity is here?

In the dynamic landscape of technological evolution, staying ahead is not just an advantage but a necessity. At CEF, we're excited to introduce the new M2 range of USB-C wiring accessories – a revolutionary step towards aligning with the latest technological trends and meeting the ever-growing demand for USB-C connectivity. 

Reducing environmental impact 

Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of discarded plug-in chargers? The European Union is taking a stand, by encouraging manufacturers to exclude them from new battery-powered devices. This shift is expected to significantly increase the demand for 13 A sockets that incorporate USB charging. It's time to embrace a change that not only aligns with environmental concerns but also brings efficiency and innovation to our everyday lives. 

From USB-A to USB-C: A leap in connectivity 

Let's delve into the technological evolution driving this change. The USB-A connector, a familiar sight for many, is relatively large, has a single orientation for insertion, and supports 2.5W charging through a USB 2.0 connection.  

Enter the USB-C connector – smaller, reversible (it can be inserted either way up), and, perhaps most importantly, capable of delivering up to 18W to suitable devices for fast charge delivery. Even if a device doesn't support Quick Charge (QC) or Power Delivery (PD), the USB-C defaults to an optimum charging rate of up to 5V 3.1A. 

Future-proof your installations with M2 

In an era where battery-powered devices often come without plug-in chargers, and USB-A connectors are transitioning to the faster USB-C, the M2 13A dual-USB charger socket emerges as a solution that's not just current but future-proofed. You and your customers deserve innovation that doesn't just react to change but predicts it, and that's precisely what the M2 range brings to the table.

It's not just about keeping up; it's about staying ahead. By integrating M2 USB-C charger sockets into your installations, you're not only meeting the current demand but also future proofing your setups.  

Stay connected, stay ahead.

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