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Antique Brass Raised Plate
BG Nexus Metal Decorative
Black Nickel Raised Plate
Brushed Chrome Raised Plate
Copper Raised Plate
Deta Decorative
Eurolite Decorative
GET Ultimate Decorative Low Profile
Granite Blue Raised Plate
Gunmetal Raised Plate
Hamilton Hartland
Heritage Decorative
M2 Decorative
M2 Decorative Screwless
MK Dimensions
Painted Black Raised Plate
Painted White Raised Plate
Polished Brass Raised Plate
Polished Chrome Raised Plate
Satin Brass Raised Plate
Schneider Lisse Deco
Scolmore Deco
Selectric 5M / 7M Decorative
Selectric 7MPRO
Volex Decorative

Decorative Raised Plate

Elevate the finish of your interiors by choosing decorative raised plates for light switches, plugs and sockets. Decorative raised plates sit away from walls, making them prominent, eye-catching features that enhance the look of any room in a home. Pick from a comprehensive selection of professional quality decorative raised plates with a variety of finishes and materials to suit all styles of interior design. Choose from antique raised plates, satin brass raised plates and brushed chrome raised