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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Despite the serious issues COVID-19 has caused across the UK, the CEF multichannel business model has continued to evolve and was well placed to meet the needs of its customers, by continuing to offer unrivalled nationwide coverage from its 390 stores whilst operating under strict Health & Safety Guidelines.

Customers were also able to purchase goods via our award-winning state of the art online facility based at Biggleswade stocking more than 35,000 products available for next day delivery or by click and collect from the customers local store.

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic CEF has continued to ensure all employees irrespective of their legal gender, race, or ethnicity, are treated the same, they are paid a basic salary and an annual bonus based entirely on their own position and performance through the year.

The data used to create this report has been affected by employees on furlough at the time of the snapshot date.

After reviewing the 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report and considering the affects the pandemic has made to the figures, CEF’s Senior Management Team do not consider there are any pay issues.

Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile:


Pie Chart


Pie Chart

Upper Middle

Pie Chart


Pie Chart
Male Female

Approximately 294 employees per quartile.

Difference between Men and Women
Gender Pay Gap
Gender Bonus Gap
Proportion of Workforce receiving a bonus payment


Pie Chart


Pie Chart

Received Bonus Did not receive a bonus