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Introducing The Heatstore Intelirad

The Smart Radiator

Unique Intelligence

  • Adaptive Temperature Control
    Environment Learning
  • Eco Start
    Delayed Anticipatory Control
  • Smart Open Window Technology
    Instant Energy Waste Reduction
  • Dynamic Efficiency + Technology
    Electronic Thermostat Accuracy _/-0.2°C
  • Touch Sensitive Control System
    With Audio Feedback
  • Colour Changing LCD Display
    Graphic Temperature Indication
  • FREE 3D AutoCAD
    Heating Design Scheme Service
  • 3 Years On-site Warranty
    10 Years Aluminium Body

Ease of Use

Advanced touch control system

Although sophisticated technology, Intelirad is designed to be user-friendly with busy contemporary lifestyles in mind

Full instructions are provided including a Quick Start Guide for easy set up and operation.

  • Out All Day
  • Home All Day
  • Holidays
    (turns your heater back on the day you return)
  • User Timer
  • Advanced Audio Feedback
  • Frost Protection Child Lock

Colour Changing Display

For easy temperature recognition at a quick glance, the Intelirad screen shows one of four distinct colour displays. This can be of benefit to the visually impaired, particularly coupled with the option of audio reinforcement.

Good Thinking

The intelligence to start up only when required.

Traditional Set Timer
Room target temperature 21°C

Room target temperature 21°C

Thinking Inside The Room

InteliSmart Open Window Technology

If an internal window or door is accidentally left open, Intelirad will detect the sudden change in temperature and instantly scale back the output to 50%, rather than continue to provide 100% output.

Once the window or door has been closed, the radiator will return to normal operation equally swiftly. This highly responsive technology ensures the output from the heater is optimised when head is escaping from a room, thereby avoiding wastage and saving the user money.

There's no other radiator that reacts so quickly and efficiently.

Mind Control

Heatstore has developed Dynamic Efficiency + Technology

Put simply, it means as the room temperature nears the desired point, the electronic processor within the heater constantly monitors the power to the elements giving an accuracy of +/-0.2°C. This minimises overshoot and temperature drift, resulting in complete user comfort and total energy efficiency.

Full Metal Bracket

Plastic filings, as used by other radiators on the market, have a historic vulnerability to continued heating and cooling, resulting in the brackets becoming brittle and even unsafe.

The Intelirad has more durable and reliable metal brackets, designed for the long term, in fact well beyond our 10 year aluminum parts guarantee.

  • High load bearing, full steel brackets
  • Easy-install 1 man fit
  • Card wall templates supplied for all sizes

The Range

HSDI330 330W 3 575mm 340mm 80mm 6.5kg Buy Now
HSDI500 500W 5 575mm 500mm 80mm 9.5kg Buy Now
HSDI750 750W 6 575mm 580mm 80mm 11.2kg Buy Now
HSDI1000 1,000W 7 575mm 660mm 80mm 12.7kg Buy Now
HSDI1500 1,500W 10 575mm 990mm 80mm 17.8kg Buy Now
HSDI2000 2,000W 12 575mm 1060mm 80mm 20.9kg Buy Now