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CLC Publishes Sixth Version of Construction Site Operating Procedures
The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published the sixth version of its site operating procedures (SOP. While there are no significant changes to social distancing requirements on...
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Reporting Outbreaks of Coronavirus
The UK Government has published new guidance for businesses on how to recognise, contain and report incidents of coronavirus. COVID-19 Early Outbreak Management Action Cards have been created to...
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CICV Forum Releases New Guidance To Help Construction Industry Continue Careful Return
The Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has issued a series of new health and safety guidance documents to help steer workers returning to work. Seven new pieces of guidance has been...
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Bright Business Advice Offers Business Support to Electrical Contractors
If your business is taking over your life, Bright Business Advice could be the catalyst for change you’ve been requiring. Being an expert in your trade or profession doesn’t necessarily make you...
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Safe Working in Homes Guidance Produced
New guidance has been launched to provide reassurance to homeowners requiring tradespeople to carry out work in and around their homes. Available as an 8 page booklet, tradespeople can download...
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Site Safety Guidance Updated For ‘One Metre Plus’ Social Distancing
Site operating procedures from the Construction Leadership Council [CLC] have been updated following the easing of lockdown measures in England from Saturday 4th July. Version 5 of the operating...
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Stay Safe When Working In People's Homes
The Government guidance for tradespeople working in people’s homes in England, now allows standard work to go ahead, provided that it is safe to do so, Public Health England (PHE) guidelines are...
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‘Site Operating Procedures’ Version 4 published by the Construction Leadership Council
Following the recently published government guidance on Working Safely during Coronavirus [COVID-19], the Construction Leadership Council have updated their Site Operating Procedures to incorporate...
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COVID-19 Compliance Check Lists for Working on Construction Sites
The Construction Industry Training Board [CITB] in conjunction with the Construction Leadership Council [CLC] has produced a range of interactive checklists and forms to help construction...
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New Guidance Launched to Help Get the UK Safely Back to Work
Practical guidelines have been published to make workplaces as safe as possible and give people confidence to go back to work during the coronavirus pandemic. The new 'COVID-19 secure' guidelines...
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COVID-19 Construction Sites Safe Shutdown Guidance
The Construction Leadership Council has published guidance on temporary suspension of sites to ensure that any site closures during the COVID-19 pandemic can be achieved as safely as possible. The...
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V3 Site Safety Guidance Released
The Construction Leadership Council has released the third version of their Site Operating Procedures guidance to protect construction workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The update includes...
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Coronavirus – A Guide to Government Financial Support for Businesses and Individuals
The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the UK and across the world has already fundamentally changed the way we live. It's an anxious and uncertain time, and whilst our primary concern is...
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