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3 Core and Earth LSF H6243B Cable
3 Core and Earth PVC H6243Y Cable
Arctic Grade Cable
Belden Equivalent Cable
Bell Wire
CAT5E Data Cable
CAT6 Data Cable
CCTV RG59 Cable
Cable Accessories
Coaxial & Satellite Cable
Control Cable CY
Control Cable SY
Control Cable YY
Defence Standard Cable
EV Cable
FP Plus Enhanced
FP100 Cable
FP200 Gold Cable
Festoon Cable
Fire Performance Soft Skin Cable
Flexible LSF Cable
Flexible PVC Cable
Flexible PVC Heat Resistant Cable
Flexible TQ Heat Resistant Cable
Flexishield Cable
Instrumentation BS5308 Cable
Insulated Tails 6181Y
Legrand SCS BUS Cable
Luminaire Cable
Mineral Insulated Cable Heavy Duty
Mineral Insulated Cable Light Duty
Multi-Use Cable
NYM-J Cable
NYY-J Tuf Sheathed Cable
Rubber HO7RN-F Cable
SWA Split Concentric Cable
SWA XLPE PVC Armoured Cable
Security Alarm Cable
Single Core and Earth 6241Y Cable
Singles LSF 6491B Cable
Singles PVC 6491X Conduit Wire
Solar Cable
Speaker Cable
TRS Rubber Flex Cable
Telephone Cable
Tri Rated Cable
Twin and Earth LSF H6242B Cable
Twin and Earth PVC H6242Y Cable
Welding Cable

Cable & Accessories

We stock a huge range of electrical cable and cabling accessories designed to provide you with an affordable solution for any wiring project, no matter the size