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Smart bathrooms: the opportunity to make the ‘smallest room’ smart They may not be the first rooms where homeowners think of installing smart technology, but bathrooms are getting smart. New energy saving and convenient products such as digital showers, smart... Read More Van driver toolkit You might think that vans can be driven and used for anything – right?Sadly vans which don’t comply with the rules, regulations, standards and procedures can prove costly, with an average fine per... Read More Make the most of new car registrations - get EV installer certified With new cars arriving with 71 on their registration plates from 1 September, and more customers choosing fully electric or hybrid vehicles, the UK electric vehicle market represents a growing... Read More Is this the most flexible, compact consumer unit ever? Schneider’s new Easy 9 compact consumer unit demonstrates that great things can come in small packages. Offering a wide choice of circuit configurations, this is one unit that won’t have... Read More Smart security - how to reassure your customers Security is often a concern for customers who want to install smart technology in their home or business. Smart home devices – smart hubs, security cameras and systems, sensors, locks, thermostats... Read More Updated COVID-19 isolation rules As of Monday 16 August, people in England and Northern Ireland who have had two Covid jabs will not have to isolate for 10 days if they have been in contact with someone who tests positive for... Read More
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